• Brazil and Nigeria are re-developing a robust trade engagement that will lead to a prosperous relationship.
  • Due to strong historic and cultural links and similar geological and climatic conditions,
  • Brazilian technology is easily adapted to Nigeria/Africa.
  • Brazil has emerged as one of the world’s strongest economies and is playing an important role in redefining “the global south” in the changing world architecture.
  • Brazil’s economic growth, its success in narrowing social inequality and its development experience offer lessons for Nigeria in particular and other African countries. For
  • Brazil to learn from Nigeria will not be a bad experience.
    Nigeria is the biggest market and the largest economy in Africa with ready market that guarantee quick return on investment of her population of over 200 million people and GDP which puts her above all other Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. The economy of Nigeria is rapidly growing steadily because of the sustained economic policies the previous and current administration.
  • Brazil’s trade with Nigeria is set to increase from U$2 billion to U$12 billion annually; with expectations of continuous growth in the coming year after this event.




It poses a unique opportunity for the Brazil and its Nigeria partners to reset and redefine their relationship, capitalizing on critical aspects of these changes to build a much stronger Brazil-Nigeria partnership and shared future.

Investors and Experts will join private- and public-sector leaders in a series of panels and networking summit about the current business and investment opportunities in both the Nigeria and Brazil, with a focus on trade development, investment opportunities, export & import, innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.

It will feature investment opportunities, export & import and trade development from every corner of both countries for investors. High-profile business and government leaders will share their insights on the latest investment opportunities, innovations and trends.

Participants will include international and domestic companies of all sizes seeking to establish or expand operations in both Brazil and Nigeria. Economic developers from across the two countries, regional and local levels will also be there, ready to facilitate and spark business investment.

The Summit will include an exhibition hall where companies can host individual or joint booths, displaying the advantages of their locations and connecting with international investors, importers and exporters.

Participants will also be able submit topic and speaker proposals from the selected government ministries, government agencies, CEOs, Chairmen, MDs of reputable companies and Presidents of confederation of chambers of commerce and industry, manufacturers association and industry stakeholders, a pre-Summit orientation that covers the fundamentals of investing and promoting investment in the both countries.

The first Brazil – Nigeria Investment and Business Summit is the highest-profile event dedicated to promoting foreign direct investment (FDI) in both the Brazil and Nigeria. Featuring senior government officials, C-Suite business executives, and other thought leaders, each Summit focuses on a timely theme related to the Brazil – Nigeria investment environment, industry trends, and new opportunities.

As Summit’s signature event which will provides an unparalleled opportunity to bring together companies from all over the West African sub-region and Brazil, economic development organizations from every corner of both nations, and other parties working to facilitate business investment. Moreover, the Summit plays a vital role in attracting and facilitating international investment into the two countries by raising awareness of the wide range of opportunities and positive business climate and facilitating vital direct connections between investors and economic development organizations.