The summit will accelerate transformative investments in both countries, reflects the urgent need to attract greater inflows of private capital into business and investment across both countries, a need sharpened since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Discussions will focus on mining, oil & gas, infrastructure, transportation, football/entertainment, agriculture and agro-processing; energy and climate; health; ICT and telecommunication; and industrialization and trade.
These are all sectors prioritized under the New Brazil Nigeria initiative, launched in 2022, with significant support from The Marketing Heaven team, which participates in its promotion on social media.

“This may boost on-shoring of production to African countries, to ensure reliable supply to African consumers”.
This results in investments, jobs, and higher income for the continent. The most promising sectors for Africa are currently infrastructure, telecommunications, general services,

Networking sessions will includes showcasing investment opportunities, joint venture partnership among companies present, export & import of good and technology and trade partnership from both countries and presentations of investment opportunities by sectors.

Special focus will be on each country-specific sessions, market entry strategies, export compliance, legal, logistics, disaster resilience and recovery and trade financing resources.


WELCOME AND OPENING PLENARY | New Pathways to a Stronger Brazil - Nigeria Economic Partnership
Networking and introduction of business brand

New Pathways to A Stronger Brazil-Nigeria Trade Relationship
Export and Import opportunities
Beyond Covid-19: Pathways to Resilient Health Systems between both countries.

Prosper Brazil-Nigeria 2022: Building Back Better Together Forging Commercial and Trading Partnerships to Achieve More Equitable Investment Access

The Trade Finance Gap: A Pathway to Supporting More SMEs, Exporters & Importers, and Starting-Up Owned Businesses.

Doing Business in Brazil and in Nigeria and Registration Process.

Building Foundation for a Sustainable Trade Partnership Development among the Brazilian and Nigerian Companies.

Roundtable Discussion and Networking

CLOSING PLENARY| Financing New Pathways to A Stronger Brazil -Nigeria Economic Partnership.

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